Where would you like to travel?

If you type in “Things to do before you die” on Google, most of the results are about magnificent places you should go to. Hence, Zapya Scrapbook will cover special travel destinations this week.

Travelling is important for a good reason.

You can see more of the world. The places you visit, the people you meet and the experience will challenge the way you see the world. You learn about who you are, what you want and what you are capable of through being a place where you have never been before.

They say that money spent on travelling will create better memories than money spent on things!

Here are some nice places you can visit!

However, perhaps the place you should travel before you die should be a place of personal importance. If you have grown up watching the Sound of Music, going to Austria may be a special experience for you although it was not included in the above list.

So, we have decided to ask the Zapya team about the special place in their hearts.


SUNNY: I have a dream of traveling to the Thailand. Although I have never visited there before, I think the place is very beautiful. That’s what Thai drama influences me. I was also attracted to a Thai actor called Jesdaporn. His eyes are very clear, just like a clear sea. In my opinion, Thailand is full of coconut and sunset and it is very quiet and calm.

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SUSAN: I want to travel to the United States of America. My husband went there for 15 days on National day holiday last year. He told me a lot of things about America and showed me the pictures. The sky is always blue, the street is clean and broad. He went to a lot of cities and he said Americans are very polite. I really want to experience being in this great country.

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SUSIE: A trip to Japan has been my dream for a long time. I was under the impression that Japanese culture and people are very unique, not to mention its beautiful scenery. From books, movies and the Internet, I have received so much information about Japan already. For example, Hayao Miyazaki and his animations, Sakura flower, Mt. Fuji, but I still haven’t been to Japan yet. I have to visit this country for myself, in order to understand deeply about the country’s history and the people there.

From 'My Neighbor, Totoro'


CASSIE: The country I want to visit the most is South Korea, because I like watching Korean dramas very much. I know a lot of Korean stars such as quan zhixian, li minhao, song chengxian, quan zhilong. I prefer South Korean cosmetics because they aremore suitable for my skin.


AMANDA: The city which I want to travel the most is England. I like watching English films and dramas as a pastime and find English men to be very gentle. The scenery in England is also beautiful. England has a long history and rich cultural heritage so I want to spend more time learning about the country. The other reason is that I like rainy days and more than half of the time in England would be rainy and foggy, which would suit my mood.

Classic weather: rain, rain and more rain.

I am quite a keen traveller myself. I have been interrailing in Europe, been to famous places in the US and have also been to Ghana. At the moment, the place I want to travel the most is home where people I love, my family, are waiting for me. So in some sense you need not go far to arrive at your special place.


What is your favorite travel destination? Let us know in the comments below.