Zapya’s very first #1 Scrapbook, Friend vs Bestfriend

We decided to ask the Zapya team  about what they thought about the topic. Feel free to comment below on what you think!


Throughout history, individuals have demonstrated that humans beings depend on “one another”. This was required for survival, however in the modern day, things are different.  Friends and best friends clearly have a line drawn that differentiates the two but are often misclassified. Not anyone can become a best friend, but everyone can become a friend. In my opinion friends are often confused with “acquaintances”. Some consider acquaintances to be friends, while some believe that they are not. For me, I believe either you are a friend or foe, as long as the person has not done something in order to harm you, he/she is a friend. Seems easy right? Yes, however to become one of my “best friends” you will have to be a very special individual.

For example, one of my best friends is my neighbor. For privacy reasons let’s call this person “John”. Ever since I moved to my new neighborhood in the United States, I had no friends. The place was new to me and everything that I had been comfortable with vanquished. I clearly remember my parents taking me to meet my new neighbors. That is when I first met John. We would always hang out, even though once we grew up, we didn’t go to the same university, but we still keep in contact often. We used to play video games together, watch the same tv shows, and more. I have known this individual for over 20 years, which is why I consider him my “best friend”. In short, I believe that best friends aren’t made overnight, they only earn the prestigious title after longer periods of contact.


“No, John was not a dog. “

Now I ask you ZapyaHub viewers, do you have a similar encounter like this? Who is your best friend? What distinguishes him/her from just an ‘ordinary’ friend?



Many people think that there are not many differences between friend and best friend, it’s all friend, why should it has different with that?  But if you experiencing this kind of situation, in the end you’ll get to know, there are so many things that you could do with your best friend but not with a friend.

For example, this is what I’d experienced whenever I’m with my friend.

  • “Hey, I’m SICK!”

Friends would say: “Get well soon, dear”.

Best Friends would say:  (LAUGH & CURSING) you DESERVED it!

In this situation, you are SICK, feeling not well, and you got your friend cursing at you that you deservedly to be sick…..”Are you guys REALLY my best friend?? You are kidding me right?!”.

  • What do  they call you? How do they treat you?

This is what my friend/best friend would say.

Friends:  Hi dear, let’s go to coffee shop to have some afternoon tea.

Best Friend:  Yo dude, let’s go to the club.

  • When you just broke up…..(For ladies)

Friend: “It’s okay, you’ll get another guy better than HIM..”

Best Friend: “I’ve told you a hundred times that the guy was a TRASH, but you never listen to me!! YOU DESERVED IT!”


Feeling strange? Not really. Whenever you get to see their genuine expression, how they comprehend what you are saying, and so on. In the end you’ll see the REALNESS of what best friend is. And in the end, You all will be laughing together.

PS from Admin:

Best friend isn’t being told, but being treated! So, let’s check your besides now, How many are your friend and your “real” friend? Don’t’ forget to comment below.