This time, on Scrapbook, we have decided to cover online dating. It has only been a relatively recent but a widespread phenomenon where people use online sites or smartphone apps to find potential dates.

I personally happen to know many friends who are on Tinder and there were awkward moments when people meet for the first time then realize they saw each other on Tinder!

But will you ever decide to use online dating?



Sometimes, in life, it can get pretty hard to meet someone with shared interests in your friend/school/work circles. But online dating can give you an opportunity to find someone nearby who shares similar interests with you. I think online dating is just another way of meeting people just like blind dates or dates organised by friends. That’s why so  many people these days regardless of their age, gender, occupation or religion use online dating websites.


It’s really fun! I think we need to understand that not everyone wants their relationship to be so serious. Apps such as Tinder can be entertaining app. You can swipe right if you are interested in a profile and left if otherwise. If both people swipe right, you can get connected and start messaging. Some people think it is really funny when this happens. It can give you a certain sense of self-affirmation. It is probably bad to consider Tinder likes to be the main source of your self-confidence but it can be a bit reassuring to know that other people find you attractive. I think if both parties are aware that they just want to chat rather than to look for a serious relationship, it is fine as long as no one gets hurt. But, of course, you can also find potentially serious relationship partners if you want, too! The great thing is you have access to such a diverse group of people and it is highly likely to find someone who may suit you!



I think it is difficult to verify whether people on online dating sites are being genuine. Some of my friends went to meet someone on Tinder who uploaded that he was 30 but actually was 40! It can be easy to lie online and it feels a bit dangerous to meet someone when you don’t have any mutual friends or connections.



Once  you connect to someone online, you need to start messaging or e-mailing. I think it drains the fun out of meeting someone face to face. Some of the texting that goes on before an actual date can be so weird and awkward. I kind of don’t want to go through it. I think it is better to build your interpersonal skills through meeting and dating someone face to face than to message potential date partners online. Also, I know many friends who don’t actually use the app to meet someone but just to chat. I think I will find it annoying if I am looking for something serious. Besides, imagine if someone asks you how the two of you met. Isn’t it a rather boring way to meet the love of your life?


So, there are lots of different opinions surrounding online dating. But I guess dating itself is complicated. Neither online nor offline dating can guarantee you will meet a person who is right for you nor will it prevent a heartbreak. But make sure you know what you are signing up for and keep safe. You are always worth it!


What do you think about online dating? Feel free to share your comments below!