The second key characteristic of the new Zapya app is…


Everyone has different likes and dislikes. Some things may not be your cup of tea (or coffee). That is why one-size-fits-all does not work. The future of file sharing is not only about enabling great file sharing experience. Zapya has been doing that and will continue to focus on and improve its core function in all aspects including speed and convenience.


On the other hand, many users have been interested in more contents to suit their unique interests. We have heard you; whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or on Google Play. We heard your concerns and have been trying to create an upgraded Zapya to satisfy your needs.

So, the new app will feature up-to-date and interesting contents related to your hobbies, favorite music, movies, games and more. We are planning to develop this function further in the future so that you can create your own personalized page while connecting to other people.

The new Zapya has been designed just for you and you are sure to feel special by upgrading your Zapya.

Get excited, one more teaser post left before the official launch! We will keep you posted on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and Google Community.