This summer, Zapya users are about to experience something special.

Something visionary,
Something that has been anticipated,
Something to bring about a change.


So what are the unique characteristics of the new updated Zapya? What should you know about this exciting progress before the official launch?

Zapya is reinventing itself based on users’ feedback and the changing world of file sharing. It will be an exciting step in Zapya’s future development. In the coming three days we will explain the unique points that will define the new Zapya app.

  1. User Interface

energy efficiency rebound

The New Zapya app is about efficiency and great user experience.  We have received many comments from our users about the ‘How to Use’ problem. Once users started using the file sharing function of Zapya it was easy to get used to the interface and its basic functions. Yet, for some users the initial stage was a little bit confusing. The new Zapya app solves this problem by changing the first home page to a more intuitive and easy to follow buttons.  This will enable Zapya users’ file sharing experience to be as best as possible.


There are still two more key points about the new Zapya app that are about to be released.

So get excited! We will keep you posted on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and Google Community.