Just as humankind has developed, so will Zapya.

Three years ago, we revolutionized the field of file sharing by solving a pain point involving expensive and unreliable WiFi connection. This enabled our users to share files quickly for free without mobile data. We also created a sense of community through offline messaging services.

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Ever since, we have continued to work on our main function and have maintained our reputation as the fastest and the most reliable file sharing app. Moreover, we have recognized the importance of providing useful and entertaining contents. We think Zapya can pave a new and better way of file sharing through focusing on the idea that contents matters.

So, in the past few days, the three main themes of the new Zapya app launch have been released: Upgraded User Interface, Personalization and the Future of File Sharing.

Zapya is about to reinvent itself with a new updated app and you can also reinvent yourself with the new Zapya app and get ahead.

Something big is definitely coming very, very soon! We will keep you posted on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and Google Community. Find the new Zapya file sharing app in a smartphone near you!