In today’s society everything has to be able to perform multi-functions. This is not an exception for apps. Apps are used not only for their main function, whether it be messaging, games, sharing pictures, but also to give a sense of community and to provide information to users. In fact, the contents that can be shared among the app users can be an important factor in determining how sustainable the user base is going to be.

According to a research, “9 out of 10 Internet users has a smartphone, including 15% that uses them to find information on a daily basis and 59% for leisure activities”. Many people these days use their apps and social networking sites as their main source of information and news updates. Hence, providing good content is no longer an extra side function but is a key competitive edge. Consumers also feel more connected to the brand through various contents apps offer. The types of music, videos, posts, articles that are provided for the consumers can shape the app’s brand image. People not only want to find news in apps but also want to have fun and have an enjoyable time.

Mobile Mania

There are many apps that have long been aiming at providing diverse and interesting contents to its users for both informative and entertainment purposes. One of these apps include Zapya. Albeit its main function being a file sharing app, it has broadened its horizons to become a contents-sharing community. There is a wealth of contents available to members of the public on Zapya Facebook, Twitter and blogs. In particular, Zapya’s blogging has been important in providing a variety of fun articles in an organised yet flexible format.

Enjoy Zapya Main Page

More recently, Zapya just launched the latest version of its blog, called Enjoy Zapya. Enjoy Zapya will be the official Zapya blog and will allow more interested users to access a wider range of materials that are different from shorter Facebook posts. It is a more updated version of previous blogs such as the ZapyaHub. It will feature photo, music and video of the week as well as Scrapbook which is a lively forum to share different ideas about an interesting topic. Examples include ‘Breakfast Around the World’ and ‘Personality v. Appearance’. Furthermore, for its active users, regular newsletters and message boxes are sent so that users can get News feed directly to their phones. The effect can be seen clearly. After each message box, the engagement in Zapya blog skyrocketed with thousands of likes, shares and comments. Through focusing on interesting contents and engagement, Zapya is an example for other apps in its commitment to the belief that comments matter.