Summer is coming!!!

Today, we asked the Zapya team what their favorite summer activities were in their respective countries. Curious to find out what they are? Keep reading and post in the comment section what you are planning to do!


Eunice- South Korea



In summer, albeit the hot and humid weather, many Koreans choose to eat spicy and hot foods. One of the most famous summer foods we eat is called Samgyetang. It is a hot ginseng chicken soup. This is because we believe in the saying  “yi yeol chi yeol” which means “fight fire with fire” or beating heat with more heat. In addition, Ginseng has lots of medicinal value. So, although it may seem contradictory, eating Samgyetang makes you feel stronger although you may sweat while eating it.

Boryeong Mud Festival


As many of you may know, Korea is famous for its cosmetics. Boryeong city’s natural mud is considered very good for people’s skin. Its mud is used in cosmetics especially facial masks. Anyway, Boryeong Mud Festival is like being in a water park- only that instead of water you have mud (they do have water, just a lot mud, too!) It’s like playing in a messy and fun outdoor fun park with the effects of a spa session. You can go on mudslides and engage in “sireum” (Korean wrestling) competitions.

K-Pop concerts and other music festivals

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Every summer, you have an opportunity to attend K-Pop concerts. Here, you won’t be judged for singing, dancing and screaming like a crazy person to cheer for your favorite girl or guy group. Many K-pop groups release their albums in summer so there will be plenty of concerts to sign up for! There are also lots of rock festivals in eclectic locations!


Jane- Inner Mongolia

I like summer, because in summer, I will go out to play with my friends.
In Beijing, I like to go to the Olympic Park to take pictures because the Olympic Park is very large with lots of beautiful trees and flowers, and there are a lot of people in jogging and families having picnics in the park.
In inner Mongolia specifically, we have lots of huge plains. People like to cycle along the vast plains or ride horses. The view is amazing!
We also have lots of barbeque and mutton (called yangrou chuanr) is very tasty!
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Joy- Thailand

Basically Thailand has three seasons: summer, rainy season and winter (just 1 week only!), and the hottest time is around April or May. During these months the temperature could reach at least 40 degrees, so mostly people will choose to stay at home or do some indoor activities during the weekend.

But I think in the summer, it’s all about being outdoors! I prefer to make a trip out to the beach with my friends! We enjoy sleeping overnight on the beach, listening to the sound of the waves. Sometimes we even rent a boat, do some water skis or a tube, which are all really, really fun!


Aaron – U.S

Summer, summer, summer! School is out and it is time to have fun! You may have seen numerous American movies where students take the time off to host big parties or go to the beach! Although my summers were not like that, but I do know that many parties and events do exist! Here are some ways I spent my summer!

I am a big fan of Electronic music and during my time in college, every summer, many of my friends could not wait to attend the largest Electronic Music Festival, otherwise known as EDC(Electronic Daisy Carnival). As seen in the photo below, EDC is hosted in Las Vegas, which is in middle of a desert. The sky is beautiful, with a vast amount of space and things to do. Many look forward to this event, often spending a lot of money to attend this event. Although it may be expensive, but if you are a big fan of these artists, it is definitely worth it.



If you are not a big fan of being in a desert or far from Las Vegas, there are also other events such as Ultra Korea. This year, it will be hosted as a giant pool party! That being said, if you are looking for a particular music festival to celebrate your summer, I am sure you can find a suitable one for you!

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The Fourth of July

For those who are unfamiliar with American holidays, the Fourth of July marks the United States Independence day. During that time, we have parades, parties, and fireworks to celebrate this holiday.


Amy- China
In summer in China, after 7 p.m., the streets become very busy. You will see that three or five people are getting together sitting around outside bars and restaurants.   Here friends hang out with others , they relax and release the pressure from work. They drink beer and enjoy food and have fun. We call this kind place is “”da pai dang” , the character “da” means “big” and “paidang” came from  Cantonese which means “a simple and wide place for public to have a eat. If you tell your friends “let’s go to da pai dang after work” that means “Hey, let’s have a fun and relax tonight”. I guess the reason Chinese people like this place is because they feel comfortable and stop pretending to be so serious.  You can be yourself and share your worries, joys and other things happening in your life. That is the reason why the streets light up with people at “da paidang” during summer evenings in China.


How do you celebrate summer? How do you celebrate summer in your country? Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know!