Recently, I came across a Youtube video called ‘First World Problems‘. I found it to be extremely witty in describing how a lot of people react to small problems as if they were big ones. I hope to replicate a similar strategy and will cover different people’s responses to the same situation.

Here is a list of ‘First World Problems'(FWP) and this is a chance for you to diagnose whether you are suffering from FWP! Choose the option that describes you the most. Good luck!


When You Can’t Get Online


  1. Literally GO CRAZY. I must message my friends who live halfway across the world! I must post my newest photo on Instagram, too!
  2. I freak out instead but I take a very DEEP breath. I can occupy myself with other things like checking other WiFi connections. If the problem persists after 10 minutes, I am furious!
  3. I will just do some other thing instead… maybe reading or exercising?!


I’m So Hungry!!!


  1. I’m so hungry….I can’t eat my steak and potato chips without ketchup
  2. I’m so hungry, but I brushed my teeth….
  3. I will just go to bed and eat tomorrow


New iPhone Releases

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  1. I’m so sad, my iPhone is not the newest anymore.
  2. I’m pretty sad, the new iPhone does not fit into my skinny jeans.
  3. I don’t care, I already have a smartphone…not sure which brand it is but it works!


It’s Too Cold


  1. It’s too cold…the air conditioner is on 19 degrees Celsius, I want 20 degrees Celsius!
  2. I am too cold, I had too much ice cream and ice coffee.
  3. It’s too cold, I will just wear my winter coat because other people like it cool.


This is so annoying!


  1. That person is wearing the same outfit as me!
  2. My trainers make squeaking noise when I am walking in the library.
  3. I will finish my shopping in 5 minutes because in the end of the day, they are just clothes.


Money Problems

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  1. My wallet won’t close- there are just too many notes!
  2. The bank machine only gives 50 dollar notes not 10 dollar ones!
  3. I will just use my 50 dollar to buy a chocolate bar and get some change.


Now add up the numbers in front of the option you chose.

The diagnosis is: Less than 7- You are officially diagnosed with FWP, 7-13- You are highly likely to develop FWP, Above 13- You are largely free from FWP, congratulations but always be on your guard!

Other honorable mentions about symptoms of FWP: If you find yourself identifying with these memes, you may be having First World Problems! 😛

What is your score? Do you have other brilliant examples of First World Problems? Comment below and share!