Summer heat may be starting to get to some of you, so this week we are planning to cover some of our fears that give us chills down our spine. Some may be pretty common and some may sound very strange, so take your pick and share your fears.  Are you ready?



Fear of Flying

My friend has an acute fear of flying. When she was flying alone from the Netherlands to China, the airplane experienced severe air turbulence. This gave her a really bad memory of flying. When we were travelling together, she had to change her seat to sit next to me and I had to hold her hand for the entire flight! I usually get a little nervous for take -off and I had to pretend everything was fine because I didn’t want her to feel worried. Haha.

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There are many great but scary stories of people during flight emergencies. For instance, in June 1982, a British Airways 9 flying above Jakarta encountered a cloud of volcanic ashes. Soon afterwards, all of the four engines of the plane failed.

This was the captain Moody’s statement : “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have a small problem. All four engines have stopped. We are doing our damnedest to get them going again. I trust you are not in too much distress”.

What I would be feeling inside after hearing this?

…Probably this.


In the end, the plane landed safely and flying is one of the safest modes of travel.  So I guess, those with fear of flying, stay calm and although it is hard, try to treat air turbulence as sensations you get in roller coaster rides. Some people actually pay to experience the turbulence you fear so much!


Arachnophobia (Fear of spiders)

I actually really like spiders; they catch flies and mosquitoes for us. Some rare species can be deadly so some of our fears for spiders may be attributed to evolutionary traits.

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However, most spiders are tiny and completely harmless. In fact, house spiders can’t even get through your skin and only bite as a last resort. I’m sure you have encountered a fully grown person shriek and jump and asking you to kill the tiniest spider. If you are this person, maybe try to change your perception about spiders. Instead of thinking about their hairy legs understand that they also have positive impacts, too!



Fear of Oranges

Okay, this may probably be the first time you have heard about this, it was the case for me, too. I heard of a case of someone who had a really bad childhood memory related to oranges. So when she sees an orange, she screams and tries to run away. When friends try to joke with her involving an orange, there were times she actually cried. It is ultimately up to the person to confront their fears but as friends, we should be supportive instead of making fun of their rare fears.

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Quite a few people have claustrophobia which is fear of a small and enclosed space. It is said that around 15% of the population are affected. They become uncomfortable in places such as a crowded bus or in an elevator. Some people also get panic attacks and others may sweat or experience headaches.
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Coprophobia-Fear of Feces

Last but not least, this phobia is a bit peculiar. It has to do with fear of feces.  Most people may think poop is stinky and dirty but sometimes, it can progress into being afraid of seeing feces or going to public toilets. Similar to some of the other fears, this trait may be evolutionary as feces contain lots of bacteria and germs that could be harmful to us. Nonetheless, it is important to understand that feces are simply food remains our body could not digest and that it is really important to defecate at least every few days. Hopefully, these cute poop characters may help!


What are your phobias? How do you think you can overcome them? Feel free to comment below!