Zapya is constantly on the move trying to be better. Last week, we unveiled a new Zapya product that has been the result of hard work after listening to users’ comments and suggestions. The new app is called GroupShare by Zapya. The spirit of GroupShare is to maintain the strengths of existing Zapya app’s functions; including being able to transfer any files for free to your friends at a fast speed. In addition to that, we tried to improve the existing app’s features through trying to solve some of the problems users encountered. In this article, I will focus on the specific ways in which GroupShare will address Zapya users’ concerns.



User Interface

The Zapya team has been monitoring our users’ questions and comments online including platforms such as Google Play, iZAPYA website and Zapya Facebook. Many of these messages have been positive and supportive which reinforced the belief that file sharing is an important service Zapya can provide to enhance lives of many.

“Zapya is really helpful and provide awesomeness to me and my friends. This app is really fantastic and interesting to us and show more features. I used this app for 2 years now and I feel better with this”:. -****** Jose

On the other hand, we have not forgotten that there were many valid questions that our users were raising. One of the most common questions was about how to navigate through the app. This gave us the inspiration for creating a simpler user interface for GroupShare.



The photo on the left is existing Zapya 4.0 home page and the one on the right is GroupShare’s home age. GroupShare’s home page offers you the option of creating or joining a group from the very first page. In previous Zapya apps, you had to press on the blue Connect button in the bottom which would direct you to Create or Join Group page. Bypassing that first stage will make the app much more intuitive for many people to use.


Improved Scanning/Radar System

The importance of scanner in locating and finding other Zapya devices cannot be emphasized enough. Zapya already has a great scanning system but because the scanner continued to add new devices the device names tended jump around  frequently within the list. So while you were trying to click person A, another person would be added and you ended up clicking the wrong device. That is the reason why in GroupShare you do not even have to use the list anymore. Once you click on Join Group, a preliminary list of potential devices are uploaded to your homepage.

GroupShare Home Page with Nearby Devices


If you want to discover more devices you can get yourself a list by clicking on ‘More’ but the list will not jump around while adding more devices. This will make viewing and connecting much more convenient.  (The picture on the left is GroupShare’s device list and the picture on the right is Zapya 4.0’s device list. )


Hence, Groupshare by Zapya offers solutions to problems raised by our users, through introducing a more straightforward user interface and scanning function. Through various media, we have heard your requests and we have tailored Zapya to meet your needs. Obviously, there are always improvements that can be made but we hope that GroupShare is a beginning of that exciting journey. Currently, we have released GroupShare in India but we plan to expand GroupShare to international markets in the near future. Please continue to support us and give us feedback so we can develop a better Zapya product personalized for you!

You can download Groupshare from