In the previous post, an important part of Zapya’s Groupshare was covered: that Zapya has heard its users and have sought to meet their demands through GroupShare. In this post, another crucial aspect of GroupShare will be highlighted. It is closely related to the idea that content matters.

For the last couple of years, Zapya has been enabling people to transfer files easily for free despite unstable internet connection in many countries. However, internet connection is improving around the world every year and although many people will still be affected by unreliable wireless network, significant improvements will be made. This motivated Zapya to identify another critical consumer need that will persist not just in the next few years but in an even longer time horizon.


Zapya believes that the right step for sustainable growth in the field of file sharing is provision of contents. This is why the new Zapya GroupShare decided to introduce a new and important feature. There are only so much files, photos, videos you can have access to within a group of friends. You and your friend may have similar apps, music and videos and it may become difficult to diversify outside your small group of friends. However, now imagine that you will have access to the most popular and interesting media contents every single day. It will be like having a Facebook news feed within Zapya. You can not only transfer files using Zapya, but also discover with Zapya.

On a more practical note, the above template photo is the design for how the contents will be displayed on Zapya GroupShare. Once you scroll down Zapya GroupShare’s home page you will have access to a wide variety of contents. Contents will include videos from your favorite films, TV shows and dramas. There will also be recent and popular music as well as photos. Even before the release of GroupShare, there were 120 contents available and 10-20 new contents are to be released every day. This means that users no longer need to search on their own for the newest or coolest trends in music or movies. You can decide to download the video or music. It is also possible to share with friends via other social media sites such as Facebook and follow your favorite content pages. Through allowing its users to kill two birds with one stone,  Zapya can be the future of not just file sharing but also content discovery.


Be part of Zapya’s path to content-discovery by downloading GroupShare at

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