There are times when life gets rough and we can feel extremely stressed out. This can occur during exams, at work or when dealing with annoying people or situations. But no fear, this week, Zapya team has come up with some ways to make you feel better in no time!


So what are different ways to deal with stress instead of succumbing to it and having a miserable time? Here are some of the remedies suggested by Zapya team:

  1. Sleep…. Zzzzzz


It is often said that sleep is the best medicine. Joy says sleeping when stressed helps her a lot. You always feel better after a relaxing nap or a good night’s sleep. This is because sleep can bring down the level of blood pressure and decrease the amount of stress hormones. However, sleeping may not be an option for everyone since high levels of stress can interfere with sleeping and cause sleeping disorders. So what do you do if you can’t sleep?


2.Working out/exercising

This is a great alternative for people who have trouble sleeping due to stress. There is a famous Legally Blonde line and it goes “Exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill”. Yes, even when you are on the verge of killing someone, you can release your negative energy in a constructive way when you exercise! It doesn’t have to be an intense work out, yoga or stretching can be a great form of exercise too! Besides you can become fitter and you will become physically tired which will help you to sleep.


3.Watching a funny TV show/film

Don’t binge watch your favorite TV show but one or two episodes can make you laugh. Laughter can relax your body, trigger endorphins (just like exercising!), boosts your immune system and protects your heart. So never, miss an opportunity to laugh! My personal favorite TV shows include Modern Family and Friends (of course), Three Idiots, the Inbetweeners. Comment below if you have some favorites!


4.Playing video games

This method is extremely effectively especially when you are in the mood for vengeance. Channel your anger in playing a GTA or other video games to keep your mind off someone who annoyed you. You will feel better in no time while improving your hand eye coordination!


5.Chatting with friends

Sometimes, talking things over with your close friends can help you become less stressed. For example, during exams you realize that most of your friends are just as stressed as you are. By sharing these feelings you can find comfort in the idea ‘we are all in the same boat’ and that ‘this will pass’. Also, be there for your friends when they need you, that’s what friends are for!

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  1. Eating something yummy!


Yes, “desserts”is “stressed” spelled backgrounds. So allow yourself that piece of delicious chocolate and enjoy it. Remember what Mary Poppins said? “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.” Forget about your stress and go and tackle it head on!


I hope you’ve found some helpful tactics when dealing with stress. I’m sure you have your own way of dealing with difficult situations so share and help a soul by commenting below!

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