Summer is upon us and depending on where you are in the world, this may mean a nice warm breeze or a sweltering rays of sun or even torrential rain.


This is how hot it is in Saudi Arabia and it can get as hot as over 45 degrees Celsius and if it makes this lizard run like this, the heat is pretty serious!


This week, the Zapya team decided to come up with different ways to tackle unrelenting summer heat and fun things to do in hot summer days! (Of course, besides staying under a protective shade.)

1.It is time for ICE CREAM

Okay, ice cream is great in all seasons, but probably the perfect season for ice cream is summer. It helps to get your mind off the heat and indulge in all kinds of flavors ice cream can offer. My personal favorite is green tea ice cream, do you have your favorite?


Now that we are talking about cold desserts, in some places there are things called ice snowflakes. They are especially popular in Korea and you grind ice and combine it with milk, ice cream, syrup and fruit. It is delicious!


Honestly, this is the reason why I look forward to summer!

  1. Go to the beach (if there aren’t any beaches visit a water park)

Turn that frown upside down by visiting and relaxing in a beach with friends and family. The waves will keep you nice and cool and you can do all sorts of things from surfing to playing soccer or volleyball at the beach.


Sometimes, just watching a sandy and clear beach can make you feel so much better! Especially keep an eye out for amazing beach scenery during Rio Olympics in a few weeks’ time. They have some amazing beaches. (The picture below is called Ipanema beach.)


  1. Shower

You will be sweating a lot in summer and it is important you keep yourself less sticky through a cool shower. Just be wary of using water that is too cold. This will make your body produce more heat to maintain a stable body temperature. Take a shower before you go to sleep at a temperature slightly lower than your body temperature. This will make you feel relaxed, cooled down and ready to hit the hay.


  1. Sometimes, the annoying thing about summer is that the heat will prevent you from sleeping well. Believe me, I hate having to wake up in the middle of the night when it is too hot. However, this can be remedied. Drink a glass of water before you go to bed to get hydrated and unplug electrical devices to keep the room temperature down. Let a cool evening breeze come through.

If these don’t work you can try to put your bed sheet in the fridge to keep them cool throughout the night. I have also read some good things about Chillow which is a pillow that keeps the pillow cool. Hope you get some good night’s sleep!


  1. Avoid Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are an unwelcome part of summer for many of us. In fact, they wake me up while sleeping more often than a hot tropical night. They can leave you with with swells in the affected areas, an itch and in some cases infectious diseases. So keep repellents nearby and if things don’t work out consider getting a mosquito net over your bed so that you are protected!


  1. Always make sure you are well-hydrated.

I can easily drink up to 3 liters of water a day in summer and still feel thirsty. We are losing a lot of sweat and energy in the heat so make sure you drink enough fluids. Avoid caffeine but lemonade or energy drinks can serve you well. Why don’t you enjoy a lemonade in a shade with a good book?


I hope these tips help in keeping your summer cool and stress-free. Let us know in the comments section if you have any suggestions.

Keep safe and have a great summer!