Sometimes, the best way to spend a hot summer night is by watching a great film. This week we asked the Zapya team to recommend their favorite films.

Joy and her sister, Jin- Miss Potter

Have you ever heard a lovely story about a naughty rabbit who tried to explore the world? Right, it’s a story about Peter Rabbit.

Last month was the 150th birthday of the author, Beatrix Potter. She was born in England. She created all of her lively animal characters from her own blissful childhood. Her parents had never realized how talented she was, so she had to prove it to them. Beatrix never gave up on her dream, she needed to publish her work and shared her companions to the world and finally she made it. After being welcomed by readers, she earned enough money to own a farm in Lake District, which she donated to the National Trust to preserve the green area for the next generation.

The autobiographical film about Beatrix Potter inspired me in so many ways. Beatrix was so independent. She knew what she was passionate about and devoted her life to it. She had never been hesitant about being an illustrator for children’s books and she worked hard on it to inspire her young readers.

It is a good thing to direct our energy into something that could make the world a better place, isn’t it?


Amy-And the Spring Comes


My favorite film is called “And the Spring Comes”. It is a movie set in the early 1980s and it is about people with dreams of being artists. They live in the countryside and fight for their dreams although they are not accepted by others. I think everyone has a right to have a dream and I respect people who pursue their dreams although they know that there will be troubles ahead of them and that there will be lost opportunities.


I actually watched the film after Amy suggested it. It is a really beautiful and touching film. While watching the film you feel sympathetic towards the main character and you realize that her dream which keeps her going also demand sacrifice. Yet, you admire her determination and warm heart, nonetheless. I think it is one of those films that give you something to take away the more you watch them.


Keshav-The Lord of the Rings

Probably Lord of the Rings trilogy is my favorite because Peter Jackson actually gave life to a fantasy world and the films met my expectations. The films also went beyond expectations given the level of animation technology at that time.
As a Lord of the Rings fan, I completely agree that this trilogy is definitely is one of my all time favorites list. In particular, the Helms Deep scene in the second film, Two Towers just blew my mind at the time. Here is a link to that amazing scene:
I bumped into this film purely by chance and this was one of my first Bollywood films. It is a story about three friends who study at a prestigious engineering school in India and how they survive such a tough and competitive environment and pursue their dreams. It has a positive message and of course the perfect mix of Bollywood music and dance that will get stuck in your head!
This is a film that leaves you speechless. Set during the Second World War, the film is by no means dark. In fact, it features some phenomenal acting and little joys of life in the midst of fear. Some of the scenes involving the main actor trying to seduce his future wife is absolutely hilarious and you become astonished at his creativity and boldness in playing games with his son in prison camps. When you feel like life is weighing you down, go and watch this.
So here is a list of films recommended by our Zapya team. Watching good films can be a great way to spend your free time and if you were feeling tired by heat it will help you feel better! Please comment below if you have a film you like and would like to share!