Summer heat may still be blazing but summer is almost… coming to an end.

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This means going back to school, university or work! So start your new semester’s resolutions!

This time we are going to present you with some useful tips when it comes to going back and starting the new semester!

1.Make New Friends

It can often be daunting going to a new class and having to meet strangers. In the beginning it will be even more awkward because you have to introduce yourself again and again as people ask about you.


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In this case, find solace in that this will not last for more than a few weeks max. If you can, instead of asking the cliche ‘where are you from?’ try to find your common interests or do not bend to the pressure to appear normal and act silly for once just as you are! Friends are important and with good friends you can share the best and the worst moments.  Who knows? You may find your soulmate!


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Pressure is on in the beginning of the new semester. You will have lots of classes, social events and it is just stressful adjusting to new environment and people. I hear you. But in moments of weakness do not stay in your room and binge eat chocolate. (Leave that to Homer Simpson)


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Instead, one of the best ways to relieve stress and feel good about yourself is through exercise. You can start boxing if you have someone you really hate and want to punch. You blow a bunch to the bag and it will feel good and won’t get you arrested.

Or you can do a more relaxing exercise like yoga or dancing. Of course, there is the classic jogging and it will be better if you have a dog to go jogging with.


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This is key.

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Everyone knows that procrastination is your worst enemy during one’s academic semester. Especially when you have homework essays or questions to do every week. I have experienced my share of procrastination related panic attacks. It seemed that I was doing fine then I realized I had a deadline tomorrow! Not very enjoyable, I assure you.



So here is how you can avoid procrastination.

-Do not stay indoors or lock yourself up. Go to a library or a cafe where you can concentrate. In fact, it might be helpful to be accompanied by friends or colleagues and you can monitor each other (assuming you don’t procrastinate by chatting incessantly).

-Divide your work into bite-sized tasks that are shorter and easier. Make sure you finish the small tasks first and reward yourself.


4.Try new, cool things

Remember you only have one chance to start a new semester. You will never get to be at this place at this time with these people EVER again. So live to the fullest. Make yourself happy but also walk out of your comfort zone from time to time. It may seem scary at first but you will love it. Do things you always wanted to do but didn’t get to do. It could be anything from blind dating, taking up a new hobby (maybe pistol shooting!)


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Okay, we are getting serious now. In a new semester whether it be at work or at school you will have to juggle multiple things. You have to do your work, prepare for exams, do homework, take care of your family and friends and we haven’t even talked about all the other hobbies and extra curricular commitments you have taken on.

This is the reason why having a priority is so so so important! Think about what you value the most and prioritize. When you are busy you can ignore things that are low on your priority list and really focus on and care for people or things you really treasure.


*By the way, it may seem like your boyfriend or girlfriend breaking up with you is a big deal but it really isn’t few years down the line. Your work comes first because frankly your grades won’t disappear and it actually has a huge impact on your life long after you forget about him or her. So open those books and review instead of crying over someone who probably wasn’t right for you.


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6.Decorate your room

To end on a lighter note, take care of yourself and your room. It is nice to come back after a long day and be in a nice and cozy room full of things you like. Near Christmas keep some fairy lights- they are really lovely. You can have photos on your wall to remind you of your friends and family. Find comfort in being in your room and give yourself plenty of time to relax and recover.



Zapya team wishes you the very best in the new semester!

Let us know what other advice you have in the comment section below!

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