From the smallest micro-organism to the farthest of stars, the advent of lens technology has enabled humans to access entire worlds that were impossible to see with the naked eye. These new technologies have not only allowed us to see the unseen, but also open our eyes to exciting new possibilities.

Images from the Hubble space telescope allow us to gaze upon distant stars and galaxies, ever changing and awe-inspiring. For example, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has captured incredible images of two small, ancient galaxies in the constellation of Pisces. According to astronomers, these two galaxies have lived in isolation for billions of years and are just now beginning to make new stars.


While these tools have added new perspectives to our lives, the same can be said of the smartphone camera. Nothing short of a revolution has occurred when it has come to the advancement of camera technology and supporting applications. No longer are people reliant on professional camera’s to take quality photos, videos or to edit them if need be.

cam tech

In this regard, Zapya is pleased to announce a new feature for its 4.3 release that will add a new perspective for mobile camera users – the wireless camera. Essentially, the feature allows two mobile devices to pair up and begin sharing a live video feed from the controlling camera – a wireless periscope of sorts.

This new feature will add a whole new dimension to our users’ Zapya experience. Not very good at taking selfies? No problem, pair up with another device that can serve as a human tripod to take a photo that both of you can be satisfied with. Need some wireless video capabilities in a classroom experience, use the close proximity network and pair students together. Have a newborn? You can pair up a device so that you will not lose sight of your beloved.

These are all ways that Zapya endeavors to enhance users’ local experiences.