As the summer holiday slowly draws to a close, the looming sense of going back to school starts to settle in. Parents welcome this time of year with glee, getting ready to take their children on the yearly pilgrimage to chain stores to stock up on school supplies. Those of us who have to go back to school are understandably less enthusiastic: the prospects of cracking open the books, studying for tests, and writing term papers can make many a student feel the back-to-school blues. Well cast away those melancholy thoughts – here are five ways you can Zapya your way back to school.

If you’re parents have bought you a new smartphone for school, one of the first things you can do is to download Zapya – it will make a world of difference.

First, are you starting school a bit late? Have you missed a few important class notes for the upcoming test? No problem. With Zapya you can request your close friends or classmates to transfer everything from notes to recorded lectures so that you can review them at home or on the go.

class z

Second, Zapya’s new camera feature will please both the student and the teacher: not only will it help create an interactive classroom environment but also help students use new the camera feature to multitask like never before.

class z 2

Third, server mode will enable teachers to send everything from class announcements to homework to their students – all from one PC.  Also did you know that Zapya for IOS can be used as a wireless mouse? No need to waste money on expensive laser pointers when you have all that power on the tip of your fingers!

Fourth, all work and no play? Not many of you may know, but Zapya is more than just a file sharing application; it also has supporting gaming applications that make use of the same close proximity technology to allow users to play Zapya Air Hockey!

air hockey

Lastly, use Zapya for what it’s widely known for: the best file sharing app out there! Share your summer playlist, vacation videos, and photos all with ease and with lightning speeds.

Have a great school year ahead!