This week the Zapya team had the great pleasure of hosting Waqar Zaka, a prominent television persona from Pakistan. His visit not only marked a new chapter for Zapya’s relationship with its growing user base in Pakistan but also a chance to meet and exchange innovative ideas.


The team was struck by his charismatic and jovial personality. Waqar is well-known not only for challenging the members of his hit TV series, but also challenging himself in different aspects of life. This enterprising energy aligned with Zapya’s own unique working culture. The team here at Zapya always strives to understand local cultures, context, and the challenges that people face when it comes to accessing information in different parts of the world.


Waqar’s visit not only allowed us to better understand him and Pakistan, but also for him to get better sense of China – a great opportunity for cultural exchange. This environment produced the right conditions for the Zapya international team to have a productive conversation on reaching out to people in Pakistan.

Waqar provided useful insights on how the international team could understand the people in Pakistan, and how he could play a key role in helping us reach them through various and exciting new initiatives. We were very fortunate to learn a bit of Urdu and even more so, to have Waqar take the time to create some content for us in Urdu. We hope that this is just the beginning of what seems to be a promising exchange between Zapya and Waqar.