The storage of information has been an integral part of human activity since time immemorial. From intricate stone carvings to the opulent structures across the world, humans found unique and innovative ways to record and store information. The underlying logic was simple: find ways to record and store information so that it could be traced back and reviewed should it ever be needed in the present or future.


Fast track to the information age and we see the same phenomenon, albeit at a different pace and using new devices that collect and store our day-to-day information. Until recently, the world still depended on storage devices such as the floppy disk, CD ROM’s, and flash drives. The arrival of the smartphone and file sharing applications like Zapa, however, has proved to be a game changer in the field of information storage.


As smartphone companies roll out thinner and smaller devices capable of storing more information, file transferring applications like Zapya have effectively become wireless USB’s, rendering previous modes of data transfer less efficient.


With Zapya, you can seamlessly transfer files, photos, music and videos without the hassle of using complicated cables, wires or accessories. Simply download the app, establish a close proximity network, and begin sharing! Additionally, iOS users can use Zapya to transfer information from non-iOS devices. If you’re worried about internet, put your mind at ease. Zapya enables users to transfer information without being constantly connected to the internet. The features mentioned here, and more, are what make this app so popular among our users.

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