As of late, the world of media storage in China is in the throes of a crisis. Companies such as 360 Cloud, which had once promised their users with unlimited online storage are now silently pulling the plug and retreating from the market, leaving users with a short period of time to recover their information at abysmally slow speeds.


This shift in policy comes amid growing concerns over security and online content management, which has prompted national authorities to step in and remove content that is deemed illegal by the government. As Emma Lee points out in her article: “Different from international online storage providers Dropbox and Google Drive, Chinese online storage services work as content search engines and encourage content sharing between users. The openness of Chinese personal cloud services creates a huge concern for the country’s regulators because it is more difficult for them to control unapproved content.”

Additionally, these companies lacked a clear, coherent and sustainable model for how to capitalize on the online storage services, forcing them to eventually reconsider and retreat from the sector entirely. This trend in China, and elsewhere in the world, demonstrates that Cloud Storage is no longer a viable, even secure, option to store information.  The case of 360 Cloud should serve as a reminder for users to never store all their eggs in one basket; or in other words, users should have multiple back up options for their important information.


The closure of these online storage companies and their storage services has left users in a dilemma: they have large volumes of data stored online with limited means to recover and back up – in some cases, Terabytes – of information elsewhere. Now is the time to revise your back-up strategy with Zapya.

How do you backup to a local device? Use Zapya to seamlessly transfer files, photos, music and videos without the hassle of using complicated cables, wires or accessories across different devices and platforms. You can use Zapya as a wireless USB, or as a means to store information to your primary and secondary storage devices.


Having additional options to back up information is becoming increasingly important for users worldwide. With growing uncertainties surrounding the use of Cloud storage services, Zapya can provide users with an alternative solution to their data storage woes.