Zapya creates networks for those near and far so that they can share everything from files to fun.


The name “Zapya” comes from two everyday expressions in the English language, “Zap” and “Ya”. “Zap” is a word that is associated with the sound electricity produces when it transfers energy to someone or something at a high speed. “Ya” is a shortened form of “You”. This creative combination not only became the namesake of our app but also captured its spirit and function: to be a file sharing app that could transfer photos, music, videos and other information at high speeds as well as focusing on the social needs of people’s day-to-day lives.


How does Zapya work?

Zapya has revolutionized the way people can share files, music, and videos using what is known as an offline close proximity network, a feature that allows people within a particular area to connect their smartphone devices using a Wi-Fi hotspot and begin transferring information at lightning speeds. To put it simply, one mobile device has to enable its Wi-Fi hotspot capability and let other devices connect to its hotspot as a client, thus allowing people to create an offline close proximity network.


In addition to Wi-Fi hotspot technology, Zapya also supports Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth functions and is also backwards compatible for users who are not able to access the latest smartphones.

Zapya is also proud to provide language support in Chinese (Modern and Traditional), English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia Thai, and Burmese (Unicode and Zawgyi).

Does it get better? Yes, it does. Zapya supports all platforms, making it easy for people with different devices to share their information. Zapya also support phone replication features that enable users to transfer files between old and new devices – making it easier for users to bypass cumbersome cables and transfer software.

However, Zapya is more than just a file sharing app, it’s an app that creates a social experience. There are features such as offline chat, peer camera features, and in-app games such Zapya air-hockey that truly makes the app a joy to use.