Being able to communicate effectively and give convincing presentations has become an integral part of certain working cultures, for students and professionals alike. While responsibility for delivering content falls on the individual presenter, technology has certainly stepped up to provide us with additional means to enhance and convey information in simple and intuitive ways.

From new software that changes the look and feel of your slides, to animation, video and audio integration, and even wearable technology to enhance your techniques—speakers can find the right tool to confidently move beyond the traditional approach.



So where does Zapya fit into the equation? Did you know that Zapya for iOS has a unique feature that enables users to connect to the PC and remotely control it from the palm of your hands? Indeed, with Zapya, iOS users can avoid the cumbersome process of using wires and cables, slow Bluetooth connections, and unreliable cloud syncing methods; instead, with the simple tap of your phone, users can turn their smartphones into wireless remotes.


To turn your phone into this multi-function remote, you simply need to use Zapya to connect your phone to a PC, go to the Ctrl PC setting, and Voila! You can now use your smartphone as a wireless mouse that can help you with your day to day presentation and work needs.