Aviation history was made when the U.S. announced its first flights back to Cuba, bringing an end to an era of more than five decades of no commercial flights. Now that there are direct flights to the country, tourists will be quite eager for the chance to visit Cuba. Soon, up to a maximum of 110 daily flights operated by US carriers are due to begin flying to the communist-run island, according to the US Department of Transportation.

With the relaxing of the travel ban, Cuba has seen a spike in US visitors: about 93,000, or nearly double from the year before, according to Cuban tourism officials.


In anticipation of this rush, we here at Zapya thought we would compile a list of useful applications that would help users in their travels to Cuba.

Havanna Parque Central

  1. Zapya – No, this isn’t shameless self-promotion, but fact. Zapya is indeed one of the highest ranked applications in the country. The application itself allows ordinary Cubans, and potential tourists to navigate in a country where the internet architecture is still quite underdeveloped. It allows you to share photos, music, videos and other content seamlessly without a Wi-Fi connection. It has also been coined as an app that enables the disconnected to remain connected.
  2. IMO, which allows users to message and video call for free. Headquartered in Palo Alto, the start-up responsible for this tool for text chats, voice and video, was founded by one of the first ten Google employees, who says that he likes working “on challenging projects.” A maxim that has been extensively tested in Cuba, where despite the technological obstacles the app has spread virally through smartphones and tablets.
  3. Ke hay pa hoy A nifty app that allows people to access the social scene in Cuba – music, parties, and other events, all at your fingertips.
  4. Conoce Cuba – Conoce, or “To Meet” Cuba, is a useful app that allows you to find out “nearby” activities, places to stay, and events that might be of interest to people visiting Cuba. Certainly, a worthy app for those interested in exploring different parts of the country.
  5. *99 – ever need to make a call? Dial this number and you will be able to make free calls within Cuba. Certainly handy if you’re ever in a pinch and need to get hold of someone.

We hope that this article proves useful should our friends ever decide to visit Cuba.