We hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable New Year. As we enter 2017, the team here at Zapya is excited to start off by announcing two new features for Zapya: the new PC Connectivity (download link) feature and Zapya Doodle (download link).

Zapya made a few exciting changes to the PC Connect feature that will enable better user functionality. To begin, the user will be greeted with a completely new user interface (UI). Secondly, users can now transfer a maximum of 15 files – not folders – from your PC to your mobile device seamlessly. All you have to do is to select the desired files, right click, and then transfer them to PC using Zapya. When you select the transfer option, your PC will generate a QR code that will enable you to seamlessly transfer files between PC to your mobile device. Lastly, to finish it off, we decided to tweak the APK icon, giving it a trendy new look.


However, that’s not all. Zapya, constantly tries to re-invent and re-imagine itself to meet user needs. To that end, Zapya would like to introduce a fun, new, in-built application called Zapya Doodle.


Do you ever find yourself bored at work, or need a blank canvas on the spot to draw out your ideas and new concepts for a presentation or meeting? Well, look no further. Zapya Doodle is a wonderful in-built feature that allows users to do just that. With Doodle, users can edit existing images, tweak them, or create entirely new ideas and concepts – this feature truly enables users to release their creative energies, all in the palm of your hands!

Keep a lookout for Zapya this year – we’re looking to make exciting new changes as the year goes by!