Although smartphone technology has made considerable advances in the past few decades, there is a large segments of society, all over the world, that cannot afford to keep pace with today’s need to get the latest, best, and hottest smartphone in the market.

More often than not, one of the biggest problems facing smartphone users with older models is low internal storage memory, which means that they have fewer options for what apps they can enjoy on their devices. While there are external means to modify old devices, they can often be quite costly and cumbersome. So how does one get more bang out of their buck? Well, there is an interesting newcomer in the app world that can help – MiniShare.


This application prides itself on being an ultra-light, lightning fast, file transfer application. Its real strength, however, is its relatively small size. The application boasts its status as a “mini” app, meaning that it is less than 2MB, making it quite accessible to a large base of users that still employ smartphones with lower memories. In addition to being compact, MiniShare does not run as a background application when installed, which means that it will consume less memory on the phone itself.


The application has a host of other features that make it a really expedient application to have on low-end devices. It serves as a file transfer app, where users can use create a groups and share information between colleagues, friends, and family. If you need to send quite a few files in a hurry, the app supports a “local share” feature, which gathers the desired files, makes them available using hotspot, and enables others to access them by generating a QR code – really convenient for users with lower-end models look for a boost in their device capability.  Lastly, the app is made to be compatible with Zapya.

We certainly look forward to seeing MiniShare’s progress in the future. If you think this app is for you, click here to download.