In keeping with our mission to make file sharing faster, easier, and more accessible, the team here at Zapya is pleased to announce the release of version 4.7, an upgrade that provides a few new features. So what are these new features?

First of all, the team incorporated new animations to the user interface to help first-time users understand Zapya’s core functions, such as file sharing. If users ever need to consult these animated instructions again, they can refer to them in the User Guide.


Secondly, Zapya wants to make sure that users from across the smartphone spectrum have easier access to the best speeds. To that end, Zapya has the option that enables users whose phones have the requisite capability to access speeds of 5GHz. Generally, the default speed is set at 2.4GHz; however, if your mobile supports 5GHz, simply go to the settings to enable the feature – simple as that!



It is important to point out only devices that support high speed mode can connect and share files at a higher rate. To make things simpler, Zapya has incorporated a new icon and notification that informs users whether the device can support high speed mode or share at a higher rate.


These are all new ways that we try to make Zapya an easy to use app that helps users share everything from files to fun, whether you are near or afar! We will keep working towards new ways to make file sharing fun and easy for our users.