Hello everyone! In this tutorial, we will cover how to use Zapya to transfer files on Apple phones.

It is actually really simple so read on to find out how to zap you files through the iOS system.

  1. Press the Connect button- it is located in the bottom center of your screen and your phone will immediately start searching for a Zapya account near you!




2. The scanner will give you a list of available devices.

ios 2


3. Once you find your friend’s device, all you need to do is to click on the device that you want to connect.

ios 3


4. After the two Apple phones are connected, choose a file you want to transfer. Then press the Send button. (It is the blue button in the bottom center)

ios 4


5. The file will be transferred in an instant. Afterwards, simply click on the History tab to open the file or to check your history.

ios 5

Hope this mini-tutorial has been helpful. Let us know if you have any questions!